How important is money in your goal setting?

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How Important Is Money
In Your Goal Setting?

By Colin Dunbar

A realistic look at the role of money in setting goals

]]> True story…

A teenager once said to me that she did have a goal, but she would never reach it because she didn’t have money. Her goal was to go overseas.

I told her that she should not only look at the big picture, but that she should break down her goal into do-able steps. I spent some time with her and explained that if she break her goal up into steps, she could reach it.

I suggested that she look at finding part-time work, and that she save the money she made. With part-time work paying little money, I recommended that she use part of her savings and look at starting and running a part-time business (she was interested in making bead jewellery) – that way she would earn more money.

After I had finished talking to her, she felt a lot more positive.

– – – – – –

This example is a no-brainer as far as understanding that money is directly needed for the accomplishment of the goal.

That’s all fine and well, but you may be saying, “What if I don’t have goals that involve money?” Relationship goals, fitness goals, study goals, or a myriad of other “non-monetary” goals.

My friend, I cannot think of a goal that does not involve money, in one way or the other.

Let’s say you have fitness goals, study goals, or maybe a goal to improve your relationship. How can money have anything to do with these goals? For fitness goals you need to go to the gym, for example. Relationship goals mean meeting a special someone, or improving your relationship with a loved one. So, where does money fit into the picture?

On the surface, without further thought, you’d think I was crazy to suggest that money had a role to play in these “non-monetary” goals.

Let’s look at where money fits in with non-monetary goals.

Fitness goals

You want to cycle every day/week? The bicycle costs money.

You want to go the gym? Membership fees cost money. The correct clothes costs money.

You want a heart monitor to check your level of fitness? Costs money.

Relationship goals

You want to woo that super special person? Gifts, restaurant meal, movies – costs money.

You want show appreciation for your loved one? Again… gifts, week-end away, whatever – costs money.

Study goals

Register for a course? Need books. Exam fees. This costs money.

– – – – – –

Does this mean we should just throw in the towel, and give up on all our goals?

No, no, no, no, noooooooo!

Focus. It means we need to prioritize our focus. And what does it mean to prioritize our focus?

How Important Is Money In Your Goal Setting? Part 2

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