"I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I have just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well." - Diane Ackerman
The Magic of Goal Setting


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"Thank YOU, Colin. Your site helped me with my resolutions." Natasha, Canada

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Turn Your Vision Into Reality
With the Magic of Goal Setting

Think about this for a moment...

We use a variety of tools to maintain and build all sorts of equipment. Even for something seemingly as simple as baking a cake, we use tools (or correctly referred to as utensils)... but they are still tools. Now imagine...

You own the most valuable, intricate, and precious piece of equipment on the planet. How would you maintain that equipment? And what would you say if I told you that you do own such a piece of equipment? What is that piece of equipment, you ask?

Life... YOUR life!

It's human nature to aim for something...

... to win the heart of a loved one.

... to obtain a certain qualification.

... to secure a management position.

... to lose weight.

... to start a business.

And so on, all the way to...

... wanting to retire in a beautiful part of the country.

We subject ourselves to three fundamental principles:

  • Wishes. "I wish I could win the lottery."
  • Dreams. "I want to retire at the coast."
  • Goals. "I will retire at the coast by building my personal wealth, through strategic financial planning."

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A wish is fantasy, pie-in-sky, hit-or-miss nonsense.

A wish is unrealistic because it is completely dependent on external circumstances outside of our control. A good example is wishing to win the lottery; statistics show that the chances of winning the lottery is in the region of 16 million to 1!

Sixteen million to one!

Then there are dreams.

Nothing wrong with dreams!

It is through practical goal setting that we turn our dreams into goals, and ultimately into reality...

And that is the magic of goal setting!

Goal setting is a combination of using the mind and body, mental and physical techniques, thoughts and actions. It is a process.

Where were you a year ago today:

Are you closer to your goal? Have you reached your goal?

My SBI! Story

Read my story with Site Build It!

How I found SBI!, the facts and figures... it's all here.

You will find articles here that offer different techniques, methods, and ideas - find what suits you, run with it, and turn your dreams into reality.

May you experience only the best that can be.

Colin Dunbar

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